Grout Kibble

Grout Kibbles have been designed for easy transfer of concrete on site by overhead crane.

This lightweight,yet heavy duty kibble can be used for both bottom and side discharge,with the use of the adjustable chute.The unit is lever operated from either side for easy operation,and is also fitted with fork pockets for transport purposes.Enamel painted finish,Safety yellow.

Type Capacity (cu.M) SWL(kg) Filling Height(mm) Transport Dimensions(mm) Unit Weight(kg)
JBJ05-15D-01 0.5 1500 1175 1400×1260×1510 260
JBJ10-30D-01 1.0 3000 1295 1450×1540×1680 320
CD30C-160/60-01 1.0 3000 1180 1450×1450×1865 273
CD15C-160/60 0.5 1500 1175 1630×1253×1502 260
CD30C-160/60 1 3000 1320 1760×1653×1704 320
CD40C-160/60 1.5 4000 1366 1550×1550×1974 423

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