Drum Lifter BGNB1C

Designed for standard 205 liter steel drums,the fully automatic clamping action enables safe and precise placement of drums without the operator having to leave the drivers seat.The drum center and driving forward with the forklift.The arms will engage around the drum and lock under the rolling hoop when raised

To release,lower the drum onto ground and continue to lower the forks whilst reversing the forklift.The SDL2 will handle either a single drum or 2 drums.Available in either painted or galvanised finish.

  • Simple operation,convenient and safe
  • Designed for 200L standard drums
  • Used on forklift or stacker
  • Single or double drums are optional
  • Surface treatment:painted or galvanised finish
Type Capacity(kg) Unit Weight(kg) No. of Drums Diameter(mm)
BGNB1C-001 500 96.0 1 φ 572
BGNB1C-002 1000 131.0 2 φ 572

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