JCB Supplier Conference 2017

CEO Graeme MacDonald reported an 18% growth in the global market for 2017, and a 1% increase in JCB’s market share, at the headquarters of the construction machinery giant.  Longhe UK and other suppliers to JCB were given a very clear message….”Be ready for growth – grow with us, or be left behind”  Senior purchasers went on to discuss JCB-led lean activities to improve T3 Warranty, parts quality – and the cost-saving initiatives.  Against a background of raw material increases – Steel 10%, Rubber 52%, Oil 40% – the demand on JCB suppliers for 3% year-on-year cost saving plans was a tough challenge.  However, the benefits for suppliers will come in volume-incremental business, as JCB are forecasting a bright future, with an anticipated 25% increase in sales for 2018.

The conference was closed with an optimistic view on Brexit from guest speaker – journalist and MEP, Daniel Hannan – and an uplifting address from Lord Bamford on the future of JCB in the construction market.

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